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El Processo: Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s Emerging Democracy, and the Bolivarian Revolution

Making Contact’s Rosalyn Fay was in Caracas, Venezuela in summer 2003. There she met with community groups, government officials and those most affected by Chavez’ leadership- the poor- who tell a decidedly different story about their “Bolivarian Revolution.”


Concrete Coffins: The Juvenile Death Penalty

On this edition of Making Contact, the National Radio Project’s Prison Desk takes a look at the juvenile death penalty in the United States.


Breaking the Cycle: Juvenile Crime and Positive Solutions

On this edition of Making Contact, we report on community responses to youth crime in the California city of Oakland, which has one of the highest per capita homicide rates in the country; many victims are young African-American men. We also hear about YouthBuild USA, a network of community organizations that empower juvenile offenders by teaching them how to rebuild their neighborhoods.


Trouble at Sea: The State of the World’s Oceans

On this edition of Making Contact, we’ll take a look at the over-all health of the ocean today, along with a close-up of the impact of cruise ships and shrimp farming.


A Different Kind of Information War

On this edition of Making Contact, we take a look at the information war on Iraq. We’ve dug into our audio vault to bring you this special presentation: An exploration of war propaganda through sound clips and soundscapes.