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Before the Rains: The Struggle for Montes Azules (encore edition)

On this edition of Making Contact, we go to Montes Azules and hear about threats by the Mexican government to forcibly remove dozens of communities from land that indigenous people and campesinos claim is rightly theirs.


The Power of Women’s Peacemaking

On this Women’s Desk edition of Making Contact, we’ll hear some of the ideas behind women’s movements to reclaim the power of peacemaking, including stories of cross-border organizing, and stories of direct action against war-makers.


The Fifty Year Stand-Off: North and South Korea

On this edition of Making Contact, correspondents Ngoc Nguyen and Aaron Glantz take an in-depth look at the legacy of the Korean War and the on-going U.S. military presence.


Trading Democracy: The WTO and Public Interests

On this edition of Making Contact, we take a look at the WTO, public interests, and civil society opposition to an international trade regime.