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Strangers in Italy: Immigration, Italy, and Fortress Europe


Immigration in Italy has become a hot-button issue as demographics shift and the right-wing government of Silvio Berlusconi takes a hard-line stance on immigrants. The restrictive Bossi-Fini legislation is the latest immigration law that has sparked controversy throughout the Italian peninsula. On this edition, we go to Rome where correspondent Elvira Truglia takes a look at immigration trends and speaks with migrants, Italian nationals, and government officials.


Claudia Bumci, journalist for Radio Vaticana; Cristobal Munoz, Associazione di Promozione Sociale (ARCI); Franco Pittau, Caritas Dioceses of Rome; Karolina Peric, Suamox Intercultural Productions; Maurizio Sacconi, Deputy Secretary of Labour and Social Policies; Rolando Ricaurte, musician, teacher, and ethnomusicologist; Rosa Mendes, Associazione No.Di. “I Nostri Diritti;” “Giovanni”, street vendor, Piazza dei Mirti market.

For more information:

Radio Vaticana

ARCI – Associazione di Promozione Sociale

Statistical Dossier on Immigration, Caritas Roma

Suamox Intercultural Productions

Associazione No.Di. “I Nostri Diritti”

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