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Striking Back: Organized Labor and Solidarity

On this special edition from the Labor Desk of the National Radio Project, we take a look at successful efforts by hospital workers in Bronxville, New York, meatpackers in Omaha, Nebraska, and dockworkers in Charleston, South Carolina.


Mine Your Own Business: The Coal Industry and Government Oversight

On this edition of Making Contact, we shed light on this issue through an investigative story on regulatory responses to the Martin County Coal slurry spill of October 2000.


Out of Bounds: War and International Humanitarian Law

On this edition of Making Contact, we take a look at International Humanitarian Law and how it applies to depleted uranium weapons and humanitarian aid in Iraq. We also hear about an important war crimes case in Guatemala.


Strangers in Italy: Immigration, Italy, and Fortress Europe

On this edition, we go to Rome where correspondent Elvira Truglia takes a look at immigration trends and speaks with migrants, Italian nationals, and government officials.