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Going Hungry in a World of Plenty

On this program, we take a look at the role multinational corporations play in perpetuating the cycle of hunger. We also hear how so-called free trade and food aid contributes to starvation.


What is Security? Budget Cuts Make Way for War

On this program, we take a look at ways the Bush administration plans to spend billions of tax dollars on what it calls security. We also hear about how the state of the economy and potential budget cuts threaten the economic security of many families.


Toxic Sprawl: Pollution in the U.S.

On this program we take a look at the environmental and social impacts of polluting industries. We also examine how unregulated and unlimited suburban sprawl locates these industries in communities of color.


Concrete Cages and Cash: The U.S. Prison Industry

On this program, the National Radio Project’s Prison Desk takes a look at the economics of U.S. prisons, and at how politicians and corporations are making choices that may severely impact the future.